More than three decades after it was first released, the Tornado is revered for its durability and longevity, thanks to an all metal airframe and its robust design. Whether using a paved runway or a grass field, the Tornado will reward the pilot with reliable performance for years to come.



With its high wing, pusher configuration and tandem seating, the Tornado has visibility that cannot be matched in other designs.  The front-seat position has a view which rivals IMAX theaters, a panorama of more than 180 degrees side to side, and from straight up to about 30 degrees below the horizon.



With a +6g / -4g load limit capability and a stall speed in landing configuration of 30-35 mph, the Tornado is the vehicle to develop and grow your flying skills.  And with cruise speeds in excess of 120 mph with the Rotax 912S or Jabiru engines, it has the viability for recreational flying, whether local or cross country.



The Tornado incorporates materials and systems not commonly found in aircraft kits comparably priced. Combined with Titan Aircraft's renowned reputation for a high quality product, superior aircraft performance, low per-hour flying cost, and Motion Aero's outstanding customer support, the Tornado is sure to provide the pilot and kit builder a very pleasurable experience and a fantastic flying value.

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Building a Tornado allows freedoms not available with most general aviation aircraft, including the ability to perform annual inspections, repairs and modifications on the aircraft you constructed, flying more because the cost per hour of flying is a small fraction, and the satisfaction of knowing that your Tornado can operate from almost anywhere with takeoff and landing rolls of 300-500 feet.



The airframe kit has an estimated build time of 150 - 300 hours and includes all required materials, components, and fasteners, and using mostly common hand tools, the construction process is designed to develop builder skills even in those with little or no fabrication or mechanical experience. And, the Titan Aircraft family is known for its support for builders.

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Friendly low speed handling characteristics, such as the 35-43 mph stall speed, along with agility and high performance, including the +6g / -4g load limit capability and 120+ mph cruise speeds with the larger engines, are trademarks of the Tornado aircraft line. When combined with Titan Aircraft's renowned reputation for a high quality product and Motion Aero's outstanding customer support, is sure to provide the pilot and kit builder a very satisfying experience.