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Examples of inspirational ideas and Enginuity

Here's a critical item for any Tornado with spring steering.  It is an adjustable aluminum hydraulic damper used on motorcycles.  . .

Motion Aero

Hydraulic shimmy damper


Just a little about us and our gadgetry:  When it comes to ideas and concepts, we don't mess around.  We enjoy creating and and building unique and custom parts and gadgets to solve problems.  These are some ideas we came up with, scratch-built and installed on our own Titan Tornado 2S with a Jabiru 3300.  Maybe these concepts will give you some ideas, or inspire you to tackle something like this yourself.

Here's the first-generation Rotec TBI-40 with the external regulator for our Jabiru 3300.  It includes custom brackets for the throttle cable and a custom primer mechanism we built for ourselves.  We have been flying this unit on our Jabiru 3300-powered Titan Tornado 2S since 2015.  The video below shows how this clever mechanism works.  Look closely.  If you have access to a mill, lathe, and you can TIG weld, you can build this mechanism yourself.

If you build a Tornado, you'll definitely want one of these.  Affectionately called the 'Panos Pumper', the design came right out of . . .

Rotec TBI-40 with Custom Brackets


Motion Aero

Spring Suspension Nose Fork

Jabiru 2200 and 3300

Oil separator

Tired of an oily belly on your Jabiru-powered airplane? Motion Aero’s oil separator for 2200 and 3300 engines will cure the oily blues!  This unit . . .


Electric Carb Heat

The Dual-Heat carburetor heat kit is designed for the Bing 64 carburetor found on Jabiru 2200, 3300 and 5100 engines, and Rotec R2800 and R3600 engines. Featuring two . . .

 Motion Aero