It looks like Mark is at it again -- lending a hand by phone to a customer while we were building our Tornado 2S.  We're always happy to chat with fellow Titaneers.  Mark has a long history of building and racing cars, including drag racing in the Pro-Stock category in the late 1970's.  Add to that RC planes and his passion for warbirds, and he was ready for the next step with Kimberly to fly inside what he was building.

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Ah, hah!  Here's Kimberly, interacting with kit plane enthusiasts online, and sharing the many secrets and shortcuts Motion Aero has developed over the years.  Her first job as a teenager was a machinist, and this enhanced the many years of building and racing drag cars with her father, on her own, and then later with Mark.  Also a lifelong passion has been RC planes and aerobatic helicopters, until she and Mark decided they were ready for the next step:  fly from inside the cockpit!

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