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Conversion Packages Available

Kits starting as low as $999

Kit includes:
> Spun Aluminum 6" Wheels w/ disc brakes calipers, mounting brackets and rotors.
​> Induction Hardened Axles
> Master Cylinders
> Remote Fluid Reservoir Kit
> Retrofit Mounting Plate (for Master Cylinders) Including Hardware
> Nylon Brake Tubing and Fitting Kit

Add $100 if you would like to include new tires and tubes, and a cable and thimble kit!

if you would like the intensifier kit installed in your master cylinders for the ultimate stopping power, add $40!


Worried about where you would find one of those 13x5.00-6 industrial tires used on the Titan Tornado if you damaged it at an unfamiliar airport or landing spot? A common upgrade while doing a brake conversion is to chose an aircraft tire, and the 5.00x5 aircraft tire so easy to locate at most FOB’s nationwide is the choice?  Call us for details on this great upgrade!

Wo0uld you like to upgrade your nosewheel to a rounded, ribbed tire to match your new aircraft tires?  We have a 4" wheel and tire upgrade, too!  Call us for details.

Matco Manufacturing

Drum to disc brake conversion

Since its introduction in 1991, the Titan Tornado has grown from a single seat aircraft designed for the ever-popular 503 Rotax engine to the 85-120 HP cruiser it is today.  As the design matured into the two seat models with larger engines, a longer wing, and a robust list of accessories and options, the design has outgrown the 4.5” Azusa drum brakes originally installed on many earlier models.

Most damaged Tornado aircraft are due to inadequate brakes, resulting in an off runway excursion ending in significant damage to the airframe. Fortunately, better brakes are available!  While many have tried the Tracy O’Brien’s, Black Jacks and other brand, the Matco hydraulic disc brakes are the easiest conversion for older Tornado’s, and Motion Aero’s staff are the leading conversion experts.

 Motion Aero