The chart below, from the FAA Learning Library, included this information: The curves encompass conditions known to be favorable to carburetor icing.  The severity of this problem varies with different types, but these curves are a guide for the typical light aircraft.  Light icing over a prolonged period may become serious.  When you receive a weather briefing, note the temperature and dewpoint and consult this chart.

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Jabiru 2200/3300 and Rotec 2800/3600

Electric Carburetor Heat

Carburetor icing is always a worry when flying, especially when the weather changes suddenly.  The Dual-Heat electric carburetor heating kit is designed for the Bing 64 and 94 -style carburetors found on the Jabiru 2200, 3300 and 5100 engines, and also the Rotec R2800 and R3600 engines.  Note:  Does not fit Rotax 912 applications.

Featuring two heating elements which total 76 watts heating at 13.5 volts, the pilot can select a single heating element or both for maximum heating.  The robust construction features reliable heating elements with rugged electrical screw-type terminals, not the fragile bullets connectors used by others.  The kit includes 2 heating elements, anodized aluminum mounting plate, heat sink compound, mounting bolts and instructions.  Made in the USA.  

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