Motion Aero 

Whirl Wind

Electric Adjustable

Perfect for the Honda or Suzuki engines!

Honda 3.5L V-6

245 hp

The horsepower king for your T-51 Mustang!

Warp Drive

Ground Adjustable

Motion Aero's length and taper tip combination are perfect for your Jabiru or Rotax-powered Tornado!

Rotax 912 ULS Opposed 4

100 HP

The popular choice for those who desire water-cooling and a dry-sump oil system on your Tornado or an LSA-qualifying T-51!

Suzuki 2.7L V-6

183 HP

The Mini-Merlin's exhaust note in a T-51 Mustang is reminiscent of the Rolls Royce Merlin!

Jabiru 2200 Opposed 4

85 HP

The thriftiest, fuel sipping engine for your Tornado, air cooled and simple to install!

Jabiru 3300 Opposed 6

120 HP

The horsepower king for the Tornado, air cooled and simple to install!

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