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MaNning, South Carolina, USA

Whirl Wind

Electric Adjustable

Perfect for the Honda or Suzuki engines!

Warp Drive

Ground Adjustable

Motion Aero's length and taper tip combination are perfect for your Jabiru or Rotax-powered Tornado!

Suzuki 2.7L V-6

183 HP

The Mini-Merlin's exhaust note in a T-51 Mustang is reminiscent of the Rolls Royce Merlin!

Rotax 912 ULS Opposed 4

100 HP

The popular choice for those who desire water-cooling and a dry-sump oil system on your Tornado or an LSA-qualifying T-51!

Jabiru 3300 Opposed 6

120 HP

The horsepower king for the Tornado, air cooled and simple to install!

Jabiru 2200 Opposed 4

85 HP

The thriftiest, fuel sipping engine for your Tornado, air cooled and simple to install!

Honda 3.5L V-6

245 hp

The horsepower king for your T-51 Mustang!

 Motion Aero