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Kimberly and Mark, the principals at Motion Aero, have years of experience building aircraft, race cars and even radio control planes and helicopters.  This wide-ranging expertise provides you access to a highly-skilled and knowledgeable library of experience.  Most of all: we love airplanes and care about yours and getting you into the air and keeping you there.

why order from us???

As the Titan Aircraft representative in the Intermountain area, Motion Aero is here to assist you with your kit and accessory purchase, and the price is the same regardless of whether you call Titan direct or place your order through us.  In fact, in many cases we can offer you discounts on engines, props and instrument as we are always striving to add additional value to your kit purchase.

Light Sport Aircraft Kits

From instruments to carburetor heat, we’ve got you covered. We know what we’re doing, and we’re dedicated to keeping you in the air.

Titan Aircraft works hard to keep prices where most anyone car afford to build their own plane, and we continue that tradition with special pricing on select lines of complimentary products.


and financing


and gadgets

Engines and propellers are the heart of your plane, and we offer a variety to meet your needs, with Mini-Merlins mimicking the bark of the Rolls Royce Merlin, and the Jabiru 4 and 6-cylinder and Rotax 912's powering Tornado's.   


and propellers

Look no further, you have found the most affordable and durable warbird replica and experimental/Light Sport-qualifying aircraft kits right here, and made in the USA by companies you can trust to deliver!



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