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Chuck Riley

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Customer Testimonials

Comments we have received from buyers include:

"My Tornado rides like a Cadillac now, rolling over the tar strips in the taxiway without jarring out my fillings!"  Mark in Utah

"Front wheel stays on the taxiway and runway with the Panos Pumper.  Thanks!"  Kimberly in Utah

Motion Aero Panos Pumper

Spring nose fork

If you build a Tornado, you'll definitely want one of these.  Affectionately called the 'Panos Pumper', the design came right out of our shop and can be added to your fork whether new or retro-fitting. This simple design is very effective in smoothing out those bumps while taxiing on turf or pavement. With such busy schedules, we have turned over the entire project to Chuck Riley in Fresno, CA. Please contact him for pricing and availability.

 Motion Aero