Options available include a beautifully polished aluminum spinner, painted blade tips, and inlaid nickel leading edges.  Call or e-mail us today and order a Warp Drive propeller to maximize your Tornado’s performance with a Jabiru or Rotax engine.

customer testimonial

"I heard a “thump” at takeoff in my Jabiru 3300-powered Tornado II.  Believing a rock had just hit the belly of the fuselage, and with nothing else sounding or feeling out of the ordinary, I continued on with my 2-hour flight to an airport in the scenic Bear Lake area of Utah.  However, upon a walk- around inspection while refueling, damage to the prop could easily be seen from more than 20 feet away, revealing a quarter-sized chunk missing from the leading edge of one blade.  Using Super Glue and some sawdust as a filler, a field repair was quickly completed with a bit of sanding, and the 2-hour flight back to my home airport was uneventful.  I removed the blade and sent it to Warp Drive, who repaired it and returned it in about one week.  Great strength and durability, and great customer service!"  — Scott M.

taper tips are the secret

Motion Aero and Warp Drive collaborated to perfect the propeller combinations to maximize the performance of the Jabiru 2200 and 3300 engines when used with the sleek Tornado airframe.  This unique, high-aspect ratio blade profile allows the propeller to mimic the characteristics of a constant-speed unit, but at a fraction of the cost. The Motion Aero combination of diameter and tapered tips increases your cruise speed by allowing a higher pitch setting, similar to a "cruise" type propeller, yet doesn't sacrifice the take off and climb performance due to the natural pitch adjustment that occurs with high throttle settings. 

Warp Drive

carbon fiber propeller

We at Motion Aero are experts when it comes to powering a Titan Tornado with a Jabiru engine, and are proud to offer Warp Drive Propellers to complement your Tornado/Jabiru package.  Warp Drive propellers are manufactured utilizing a solid carbon fiber matrix, superior to the strength-robbing foam or fiberglass common with other composite props.  This construction offers superior strength and durability, lighter weight, and a much longer useful life.  It also allows simple field repairs for those nicks and gouges which happen on occasion.  The all-aluminum machined HP hub assures simple and accurate ground adjustment for pitch, assuring optimal performance, regardless of your airfield elevation, something a non-adjustable prop cannot do..

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